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Bullion Knots

Bullion Knots1. Make a backstitch the length of the bullion knot required.

2. Bring the needle out where it first entered the fabric, but do not bring it out all of the way.

3. Twist the working thread around the needle point, as many times as is necessary to equal the length of the back stitch.

4. Holding the left thumb on the coiled thread, turn the needle back to where it was inserted (see arrow) & insert it in the same place.

5. Pull the thread through until the bullion knot lies flat.


French Knots

French KnotsBring the thread out at the required
position, hold the thread down where it emerges with the left thumb & encircle the thread twice with the needle (see A).

2. Still holding the thread firmly with your thumb, twist the needle back to the starting point & insert it close to where the thread first emerged (not in the exact place or it will
simply pull back through).

3. Pull the needle through to the back, leaving a small knot on the surface as shown, or pass on to the position of the next stitch as at B.