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Janome 8002DX Overlocker
Reference: JA8002DX
Price: $416.52 (excluding GST)
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3 or 4 thread overlock
Lay-in thread tension dial
Seam width: 1 - 5mm seam length 3.3mm (narrow), 7.5mm (wide) 2.0mm Rolled hem
Slim foot
Handy needle threader
Convenient thread cutter
Easy rolled hem change-over
0.5 - 2.2 differential feed ratio
Easy upper knife release
Adjustable cutting width: 3.1 - 5.1mm
Easy lower looper threading
Differential feed
Lower looper pre-tension setting slider
Changeable thread guide
Front and back needle guard
Retractable upper knife
Numbered tension dials
Color-coded thread guides
Snap-on presser feet

Bonus valued at $216.00
Blind stitch foot
Cording foot
Gathering attachment
Elastic gathering attachment
DVD Video

Janome DC2150 Sewing Machine
Reference: JADC2150
Price: $781.74 (excluding GST)
Out Of Stock

Janome DC4030 Computerised Sewing Mach
Reference: JADC4030
Price: $694.78 (excluding GST)
Out Of Stock

The DC4030 takes the hassle out of any sewing project with its simple to use Direct Pattern Selection. Just a touch will have your ready to sew the left stitch on the button (backlit green), simply touch again to select the right stitch (backlit orange). Also once a stitch is selected the stitch width and length has already been set for you to give you optimum sewing results. Fantastic machine for persons just starting their sewing experience or even those experienced sewers just wanting to update.
Comes packaged with a bonus 1/4" seam foot and an Even Feed Foot (Walking foot)

Adjustable Foot Pressure
Four levels of foot pressure to perfectly accommodate fabrics of different thicknesses and for ease of maneuvering fabric for applique and other decorative techniques.

Swing Open Face Plate
Swing open face plate allows for easy adjustment of the foot pressure lever, change over of the light globe and easy cleaning.

Buttonhole Choices
The DC4030 includes 6 types of automatic sensor buttonholes (square, rounded, keyhole, knit and heirloom). Place the button into the sliding guage and foot will ensure that you get the same size buttonhole everytime.

Built-in Needle Threader
Thread the needle easily without eye strain using the convenient built-in needle threader.

Pattern Elongation
Lengthen stitches to add visual flair to all of your sewing projects. By combining various patterns you can create beautiful and original designs.

Lock Stitch Button
The Lock Stitch button lets you start and finish stitching with an invisible lock stitch. When used with decorative stitches the machine will complete the stitch pattern before adding the locking stitch.

Reverse Button
The Reverse Button lets you sew in reverse. If you are in the middle of a decorative stitch, it will immediately insert a lock stitch.

Start/Stop Button
The convenient Start/Stop Button lets you sew without using the foot control. When you press and hold the button your stitching will slow down for more accurate results.

Auto-Tension System
Let the automatic tension system help you achieve perfect stitch consistency, even over fabrics of different thicknesses.

Janome ML644D Overlocker
Reference: JAML644D
Price: $607.83 (excluding GST)
Stock: 2


The MyLock 644D includes essential features for simple serging. The differential feed system of two feed dogs virtually eliminates puckered edges on woven fabrics and stretched edges on knits. Its unique rolled hem conversion feature eliminates the need to change the needle plate, foot, or tension setting for rolled hemming. Janome has restructured the lower looper guides for easy access. Color-coded guides are easy to follow for 2, 3, or 4 thread serging. All of the features on this machine are specially designed to make this serger the easiest to use on the market today.

Differential Feed The MyLock 644D is equipped with a unique differential feed device designed to prevent fabrics from puckering or stretching.

Lower Looper Pre-Tension Slider
Easy to adjust the looper thread tension for rolled hemming.

Changeable Thread Guide
You can change the thread tension setting depending on whether you're doing 3, 4, or 2 thread serging.

Easy Lower Looper Threading
By rotating the thread guide, the lower looper thread guides will become accessible to make threading easier. The lower looper thread guide will return to its original position automatically by turning the handwheel.

Easy Upper Knife Release
Upper knife can be quickly and easily deactivated by the slide of a knob.

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